2017 Sponsor Breakout Meetings

“It is an enjoyable experience to understand more cash efficiency strategies and new technology. Thanks for the great arrangement.” HSBC


Cash Centres: Entering New Dimensions

Operation within modern cash centres is based on reliable processing systems and optimized workflows.  Smart automation, standardization and digitalization induce increased efficiency throughout the cash cycle.  This leads to new opportunities but also raises new challenges.  What is the future of the commercial cash centre? 

Drive Your Business with IIOT and Data Analytics 

Software solutions are integrated into a bank’s or a cash centre’s business processes.  An ecosystem of related banknote processing solutions, along with data and service management applications, will support this integration and assure cost efficient, future proof cash management.  Connected processing systems also allow exchanging large volumes of data in short time.  Modern analytics tools provide staggering and so far unavailable insights into the cash cycle and prepare the basis for data driven decision making in the cash industry.


What Does “Big Data” and Cash Management Have in Common?  

More than you may think!  In today’s world data is everything but more than that, data analytics is key to supporting a business strategy as well as protecting existing investments.  Knowing how to use data is the key to unlocking a successful and innovative business.  Whether you’re a small or large financial institution, a Cash-In-Transit, or even a Central Bank, your business model and costs are always changing.  Find out how you can stay ahead of the game with the right Cash Management solution working for you.

Recycling Devices – Friend or Foe? 

As more and more Financial Institutions are faced with cost reduction initiatives, cash recycling devices are gaining popularity.  Unlike their cash dispenser cousin, the introduction of cash recyclers imposes significant changes to a bank’s cash processes.  Central Banks are also favorable to less cash movement and handling.  Choosing the right technology and its eventual placement is certainly a key element to a successful deployment project, however, the real success comes when you are able to properly manage the cash optimization complexities introduced by the technology through a robust software solution.  Recycling then becomes a friend – we’ll show you how. 

Is Cash Still King? 

Financial institutions and retailers are still experiencing a transformation in payment solutions and arguably a decrease in the numbers of 'unbanked.' Despite this, in many countries, particularly in Asia the trend is consistent; a year on year increase in banknote circulation. Speaking in 2016 in Macau on the 'Future of Cash’, this discussion fast forwards one year to see what, if anything, has changed and what are the new and emerging trends.


The Integration of ADSURE® RFID Security Bag with Internet Applications Enables Real-Time, Locational Based, Track and Traceable Cash Management

Using the emerging technology of ADSURE® RFID security bags combined with online deposit management systems, we provide the highest level of security and tamper-evident features. Cash handling processes between commercial banks, CITs and retail chain stores are security sensitive and require the best automation and management. ADSURE® optimize the cash management processes for improvements in efficiency, reliability, security and cost. 

Smart Safe Lessons from the United States

The majority of cash handling businesses today still rely on traditional methods of cash management that are low value, high risk, and high cost. Such companies can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of their cash management processes by leveraging technology to implement a complete cash management solution. Today’s intelligent cash management systems have been proven time and time again in markets around the world to improve cash management processes and to give managers more time to focus on the rest of the needs of their operation. Cash handling businesses as well as cash-in-transit (CIT) companies and the financial institutions serving them have achieved significant benefits and savings by embracing this technology.