2017 Panel Discussion & Webinars

Thank you to all who contributed to the highly successful program at the 2017 Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS). The information on this page pertains to the September 2017 edition of the seminar. We will post information soon for the September 2018 edition in Indonesia.

Consumers & Payment Technology: Their Impact on Strategies for the Cash Cycle

Technology has had a major impact on the payments landscape. Where once cash was the only option available, today consumers have a plethora of options at their fingertips to pay their rent, bills, daily items and each other. We are without doubt entering a new paradigm for payments. Cards continue to be widely accepted and smartphones are increasingly used by the younger generation to make payments and to manage their money.

As the cash industry plans strategies for the future it's important to understand the impact of this new paradigm on the level of cash transactions and therefore the cash cycle. Of course, the situation varies country to country but we can begin to spot trends and explore what the future may hold.

In advance of the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) 2017, Currency Research and Cash Services UK ran a webinar exploring the following themes, the discussion on which was expanded and elaborated during the Seminar:

• The payments landscape in Asia
• The changing payment habits of the millennial generation
• What drives payment choice?
• What is the impact of technology on strategies for the cash cycle

The great benefit of the webinar approach is that even before the session begian in Bangkok, both panelists and delegates were informed and ready to debate, providing fertile ground for an innovative discussion and creating a positive impact on the debate. If you were not able to join the webinar please see below for a recording:  

Cash Services acts as a focal point for the provision of strategic direction on co-operative (non-commercial) issues for cash in the UK. Its overall aim is to ensure that cash can circulate efficiently and effectively, and risks in the cash cycle are managed to this end. For more information on please visit cashservices.org.uk or contact David Fagleman (david.fagleman@cashservices.org.uk)


David Fagleman

David Fagleman
Cash Services UK

David joined Cash Services in 2015 and is responsible for delivering a programme of research into the future of cash. He facilities and participates in discussions across the industry on the changing role of cash in the payments landscape. 

David previously worked for the Westminster-based think tank ResPublica, where he delivered projects and authored policy-focused research reports on financial reform and housing. He also worked for the innovation foundation Nesta and a Member of the UK Parliament. 


Zulkanain Kassim

Zulkanain Kassim
Affin Bank Berhad 

Bio: Zulkanain Kassim was appointed as Chief Operating Officer at AFFIN BANK, Malaysia in October 2016. He is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling of all operational activities of the Bank, which includes IT Services, Banking Operations, and Loan Administration and Documentation.

Prior to AFFIN BANK, Zulkanain was Group Managing Director of MEPS, Malaysia since 2011. 

Zulkanain holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Computer Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and obtained his Senior Management Development Programme from Harvard Business School, Harvard University. He is the recipient of the coveted Leadership Award – Individual by CEPI Asia in modernising Malaysia’s payment infrastructure.

Zulkanain brings with him more than 26 years of experience in financial services industry. He has a track record with both domestic and multinational banks and has been earmarked as an IT professional with broad experience in conventional and Islamic banking, payments, technology and infrastructure.

Anne Lewis

Anne Lewis
Vaultex UK

Bio: Dr. Anne Lewis is Head of Product Development for Vaultex UK and as such works with client banks on cash products for the whole cash cycle. Anne has over 20 years’ experience in the cash industry in ATM maintenance, CIT and Cash Processing. Previously she was President of ATMs Worldwide for Securitas, with full accountability for 50,000 ATMs across 11 countries and was also Group Operations Director CIT for Loomis UK, managing a £110m budget for 32 CIT depots and 800 CIT vans. Anne has an interest in the payments industry generally and has recently completed a doctoral thesis with Manchester Business School, discussing the social dimension of the consumer requirement for cash.