Presentation Submissions

“Very useful, good event. The Seminar help me to learn of valuable solutions and best practices that are shared, meet Central Bank authorities and learn of new policy.” Bank Indonesia

The seminar welcomes presentation submissions from all industries involved in the handling of cash/coin, including Commercial and Central Banks, Retailers, Casinos, Cash Management Companies (including CITs and Cash Processors).

Presenting at the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) 2017 is a great opportunity to:

  • Share your important experiences and research findings with an international audience
  • Position yourself as a thought leader and innovator in the cash operations community
  • Discuss issues and solutions with industry leaders
  • Help set standards and establish best practices in our industry
  • Expand your knowledge base by networking with other professionals

 Presentations of Interest

  • Optimizing the Cash Supply Chain
  • Branch Cash & ATM/Vault Cash Management
  • Challenges and Innovations in Cash Processing/Operations
  • Re-Engineering or Outsourcing: Compliance & SLAs
  • Distribution & Circulation- Structural Changes & Solutions
  • Fitness Quality/Counterfeits/Authentication
  • Distribution of International Currencies
  • Alternative Payment Methods and Trends
  • Local Recycling/Recirculation
  • Automation & Standardization
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Business Continuity/Contingency Planning
  • Flow of Cash at Retailers & Casinos

To propose a presentation for consideration, please submit the following to Tan Chee Meng by 30 June 2017:

  • Abstract (approximately 100 words)
  • Contact information of presenter (name, organization, mailing address including postal code and country, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers)
  • Brief biography of the presenter (less than 100 words)