2017 Agenda

Thank you to all who contributed to the highly successful program at the 2017 Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS). The information on this page pertains to the September 2017 edition of the seminar. We will post information soon for the September 2018 edition in Indonesia.

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“The panel discussions covered relevant topical issue and one was able to glean best practice from the other countries' case studies and experiences. A very worthwile seminar indeed.” Central Bank of Swaziland

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Monday, 11 September 2017

09:00am–12:00pm Central Bank Summit moderated by Sopee Sa-nguandekul, The Bank of Thailand. 
No extra charge. Open to central bank delegates only.

Asia Cash Management Association (ACMA) Lunch Meeting
No extra charge. Open to ACMA members only.

2:00pm–4:30pm ACMA Workshop moderated by Ted Devereux (ACMA), Scott Forster (Linfox Armaguard) & Charles Wink (G4S). Additional fees apply. Open to any registered delegate.
4:30pm-6:00pm Delegate Check-in and Distribution of Delegate Materials
5:00pm–7:00pm Welcome Reception in Sponsor Exhibition, kindly sponsored by Crane Currency. Hors d’oeuvres, beer, and wine will be served.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

8:30am–7:00pm Sponsor Exhibit Viewing; coffee and tea served from 8:30am
9:00am–9:15am Opening Remarks by Dan Harrison, Currency Research
9:15am–9:35am Welcome Remarks, Followed by Cash and Payments in Thailand by Deputy Governor, Paiboon Kittisrikangwan, Bank of Thailand

Session I - Cash and Payments
Coordinated by Dan Harrison, Currency Research
9:35am - 10:00am Global Trends in Payments and the Future of Cash in Circulation by Gonzalo Santamaria, Currency Research
10:00am–10:25am Word from the Frontlines of Demonetization: A CMC's Perspective and Lessons Learnt by Anush Raghavan, CMS Info Systems
10:25am–10:45am Questions & Answers
10:45am–11:45am Delegate Photograph followed by light snack and coffee/tea in Sponsor Exhibit Area

Sponsor Breakout Meetings I



Cash Centres: Entering New Dimensions by G+D Currency Technology (Closed to competitors)

Explore Next Step of Cash Recycling Technologies by Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp.(Closed to competitors)

Smart Safe Lessons from the United States by Armor Safe Technologies

12:35pm–2:00pm Lunch served in the Exhibit Area - Sponsored by Oberthur Fiduciaire

Sponsor Breakout Meetings II



Explore the “Soft” Side of Cash Center Automation by G+D Currency Technology (Closed to competitors)

Is Cash Still King? by G4S

2:45pm–3:15pm Light snack and coffee/tea in Sponsor Exhibit Area

Session II - Technology & Innovation
Coordinated by Bo Holmgreen, Cash Management Association of the Americas (CMAA) 
3:15pm-3:35pm Squeezing Operation Costs With Cash Recycling Experiences by Ina Suwandi, Bank Central Asia
3:35pm–3:55pm Cash in a Cashless Society by Anesh Naidoo, DBS Bank
3:55pm–4:15pm Retail Cash Handling Optimisation - Small to Large Retailers by Chris Wright, G4S
4:15pm-4:35pm Effects of Global Trends: How Digitalization and Automation Change Our Industry! by Matthias Roehrich, G+D Currency Technology
4:35pm–5:00pm Questions & Answers
5:00pm-7:00pm Networking Cocktail Reception in Sponsor Exhibit Area

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

8:30am–3:30pm Sponsor Exhibition Open; coffee and tea from 8:30am

Session III - BCP and Fraud
Coordinated by Steven Hong, Cash Processing Solutions (CPS)
9:00am–9:20am Detective and Preventive Measures Against Cyber Fraud by Joe C.L. Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and GuardStar Company Limited
9:20am–9:40am Self Service Terminals - Physical and Fraudulent Attacks - Who is Responsible? by Ted Devereux, Asia Cash Management Association (ACMA)
9:40am–10:00am Business Continuity Planning in Cash Operations by Ali Madani, State Bank of Pakistan
10:00am–10:20am Questions & Answers

Sponsor Breakout Meetings III
10:25am–11:10am Using Software to Increase Productivity, Stay Flexible and Maintain Control by Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) (Closed to competitors)

What Do “Big Data” and Cash Management Have in Common? by NCR

The Integration of ADSURE® RFID Security Bag with Internet Applications Enables Real-Time, Locational Based, Track and Traceable Cash Management by Adsure Packaging
11:10am–11:40am Light snack and coffee/tea in Sponsor Exhibit Area

Panel Discussion/Session IV - Consumers & Payment Technology: Their Impact on Strategies for the Cash Cycle
Coordinated by David Fagleman, Cash Services UK
11:40am–12:55pm Panelists: Zulkanain Kassim, Affin Bank; Anne Lewis, Vaultex UK
12:55pm–2:15pm Lunch served in the Sponsor Exhibit Area - Sponsored by Oberthur Fiduciaire

Sponsor Breakout Meetings IV
2:15pm–3:00pm Turning Data into Information: An Independent Approach to Data Analysis by Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) (Closed to competitors)

Recycling Devices – Friend or Foe? by NCR

LIVE DEMO - A Total Retail Solution with Security & Visibility by Hightech Company Limited
3:00pm–3:30pm Coffee Break in Sponsor Exhibition

Session V: Cash Efficiency Strategies
Coordinated by Rebecca Ormrod, G+D Currency Technology

Staying Ahead of the Evolving Cash Cycle with Cash Forecasting and Optimization by Marius Potgieter, SANID

3:50pm–4:10pm Improving CMC/CIT service - Would Central Bank Regulation Help? by Mr. Decymus, Bank Indonesia
4:10pm–4:30pm Strategies for Foreign Banknote Processing by Jens Seidl, Travelex
4:30pm–4:50pm Questions & Answers
4:50pm–5:10pm Live Industry Survey & Seminar Remarks by Tan Chee Meng, Currency Research
6:30pm–9:00pm Delegate Appreciation Dinner - Sponsored by Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Post-Seminar Symposium Session I
Coordinated by Dan Harrison, Currency Research
9:00am–9:10am Welcome Remarks by Dan Harrison, Currency Research
9:10am–9:30am Polymer for Low Denomination Banknote - A Country's Experience by Susan Kumar, Reserve Bank of Fiji
9:30am–9:50am Industry 4.0 Meets the Cash Cycle: From Banknote Production to Processing by Shan Prabhakaran, G+D Currency Technology
9:50am-10:10am Thinking About Using Data to Optimise Your Cash Operations? This is Already Happening Around the World - Discover How by Shawn Ashdown, Cash Processing Solutions (CPS)
10:10am–10:30am Questions & Answers
10:30am–11:00am Light snack and coffee/tea

Post-Seminar Symposium Session II
Coordinated by Tom Mitchell, Currency Research
11:00am–11:20am The Intelligent Banknote to Secure Its Future by Uwe Mönks, coverno
11:20am–11:40am Most Used Security Features in the Past 5 Years by Elena Rumyantseva and Alexander Nefedov, InterCrim-Press
11:40am-12:00pm Currency and Technology, Evolving the Oldest Payment Instrument: A US Perspective by Shaun Ferrari, Currency Research
12:00pm–12:20pm Questions & Answers
12:20pm–12:30pm Closing Remarks by Tom Mitchell, Currency Research
12:30pm–2:30pm Lunch
1:00pm–4:20pm Tour at Bank of Thailand - Banknote Production & Management Exhibition Tour

* Agenda is subject to change

 "Good programme, good exhibition, well run, and most importantly, it had a good buzz." - Reconnaissance International, UK